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Keeping Your Sanity And Your Home Free Of Bed Bugs

Any bed bug exterminator in Brooklyn NYC will tell you that bed bugs are making a comeback in big way. In fact, more and more homes throughout the world are reporting infestations as compared to the last decade. While these bugs are not known to carry or transmit disease, it does not mean that they will not wreak havoc on your life and home. In some cases people become so obsessed with the fact that bed bugs are in their home that they are unable to sleep, which results in them missing days of work and missing out on much needed sleep. This is why you need to be armed with as much information about bed bugs as possible. Below, you will learn some important facts and information about bed bugs that you might be aware of.

Do Bed Bugs Represent Dirty Living Conditions?

You should know right away that a bed bug infestation in not directly related to the sanitation levels. In fact, you would be surprised as how many of the cleanest homes suffer from infestations. Cleaning your home will not eliminate a bed bug problem, if the bugs are already established in the home. However, cluttered conditions in a home do give these critters more places to hide and wander about. So, while eliminating clutter will not completely resolve your bed bugs problem it can greatly help.

Is An Exterminator Really Necessary?

There is a lot of self-help material and information on the Internet about dealing with bed bug infestations all on your own. Any bed bug exterminator in Brooklyn NYC will tell you that it is always best to contact a professional. Now, you might think they are just trying to make money off you, but in order to completely remove an infestation it takes detailed knowledge. You need to know about the bug’s biology and be aware of their hiding places. Professionals know a lot of strategies, techniques, and products that can be used effectively and efficiently to control bed bugs. Also, licensed professional may have access to chemicals and treatments that the average homeowner does not.

What Are These Bugs So Hard To Kill?

Most household bed bugs are small, thin, and about the size of an apple seed, which makes them incredibly hard to spot. Not to mention all the bizarre places that they can get into. In most cases these bugs are only active when you are sleeping, which makes them even harder to spot. In fact, you would be surprised at just how resilient these critters can be. While they do not jump or fly they can crawl extremely fast and are smart enough to avoid chemical lures and traps. Along with this, adult bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding and most EPA regulated chemicals only last around three months.

Some professionals and scientists have also stated that older bed bugs can adapt to certain chemicals and develop a resistance to them. So, you can see that these critters are extremely tough to kill out.


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