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Inspection & Extermination: We Can Help Handle Both!

We offer both inspections and exterminations to all our clients.

You need an inspection if:

  • You are getting bites on your body, but are not sure what they’re coming from
  • You see bugs however you’re not sure if they’re bed bugs.

If we come to inspect your home or office and confirm that indeed bed bugs are present, then we will guide you to the next step which is extermination, which is handled by our trusted partner extermination companies.

If you know you have bed bugs then we offer the following:

  • Expert extermination specialists who will consult you on making sure you get rid of those bed bugs once and for all. This is important because if you hire someone who is under-qualified, it could lead you to additional expenses later.
  • Guaranteed relief from bed bugs. We have proprietary treatment blends which are 98% more effective than what the other exterminators are using.

We serve Residential, Commercial and even Industrial properties.

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